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I had the privilege of participating in the 2013 Interface Digital Health Summit in my hometown of Vancouver, B.C.

On the first day there was a very engaging conversation on several panels discussing trade and investment as well as market access with leaders from several organizations.

  • Trade + Investment – Moderator: Dion Madsen, BDC Venture Capital Health Fund; Jack Young, Qualcomm Life Health Fund; Rich Osborn, RecapHealth Ventures; Punit Dhillon, OncoSec Medical

  • Market Access – Moderator: Michael Bidu, Sanotron; Graham Whitmarsh, foremer Deputy Minister, BC Ministry of Health; Jeremy Smith, PITO BC Medical Association; Scott Phillips, StarFish Medical; Dr. Kevin Peterson, University of Minnesota

On day two I had an opportunity to shed some light on the current state of cancer care as it relates to challenge of potentially making chemotherapy obsolete as a treatment.  Here the central premise of the argument is the “old school” perspective of how to deal with cancer – Cut it. Poison it. Kill it. Repeat. – is dated.  We are stuck in a mindset of trying to do anything to kill the disease, where the side effects are merely a side-thought.  And in this cancer treatment paradigm… Chemotherapy has become the status-quo, but it is not working. We need to make a paradigm shift and make the patient’s quality of life a priority, not a side thought.

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