My family and close friends know how fanatical I can be about the Grouse Grind – simply if Vancouver could embody a prototypical stereotype, the “Grind” as more commonly referred to would be up there with running around Stanley Park in your Lululemon outfit.

In my 18 years of coming across natures "stair master," I have fortunately had many fond experiences including giving up after the first quarter back in 1998; and more recently taking one of my kids with the Deuter carrier, or climbing it three times in a day, or climbing it two times with my elder daughter in the carrier and even a few times making her climb it when she was only three years old!  It's a staple of my routine when I'm in Vancouver, in fact a few weeks ago, I even had the pleasure of taking a few of my colleagues from OncoSec up the Grind on a recent offsite clinical meeting.   I was very happy to hear that on September 6th, 2014 the Ampri Group will be hosting the 2nd Annual Grind for the Mind in support of Mental Health Services at Richmond Hospital.

Grind for the Mind was envisioned by Ampri Group’s Founder Paramjit Sandhu as a way to share his passion for hiking while raising funds for an important cause that affects 1 in every 5 Canadians. The event was organized to bring awareness to mental illness and mental health services in our community as well as to promote healthier living through exercise.

Hikers will start at the base of the Grouse Grind at 9am, followed by a short presentation in the Theatre in the Sky by Dr. Reena Sandhu of Vault Therapy.

Last year over 100 people braved the weather and hiked Grouse Mountain for the inaugural Grind for the Mind in support of Mental Health Services at Richmond Hospital. Through the support of sponsors, Ampri Group was able to raise $30,000 for the Richmond Hospital Foundation!

The funds raised through this event will go towards developing an innovative Family Centred Model of Care in the Mental Health Unit at Richmond Hospital Foundation. This new model will help families in supporting and promoting the wellness of their family member affected by a mental illness.

Emotional and mental health afflicts more Canadians than all forms of cancer or all infectious diseases.  Evaluating other factors, it probably costs more, too, if one were to total up all the days of disability, lost productivity and absence from work.  What's concerning is the number of families affected by these issues. But we can do something about this. Mental health problems are diagnosable, treatable and people can recover and lead full healthy lives.  Let’s help the Ampri Group and Mental Health Services at Richmond Hospital make it easier for these families.

To join Ampri Group and the Sandhu Family to bring awareness to mental illness and raise funds for Richmond Hospital Foundation please visit to donate directly to the foundation or register to participate and raise funds. Hikers may also email for a registration or sponsorship.